Bus in Oil

We are 2 Girls + A Bus! We create and sell upcycled, refurbished and renewed home decor, furnishings and textiles as well as new, used and consigned pieces for your home and garden. Our unique retail space is a repurposed school (short) bus. We bring our store to you, selling at markets, shows, holiday fairs and nearby parking lots. In addition, we offer private shopping events at your place of business, office, home or other arrangement.

Patty has been crafting and selling her pieces of art and functional home decor for several years on consignment, while successfully running several businesses and Lauren has been in the design field for over 15 years doing illustration, ceramic tiles, graphic design, web design and sewing.

The idea for an upcycle boutique began incubating last summer when the 2 Girls became co-workers. They would talk all day about whatever latest project was taking over their house or garage or kitchen table. Eventually they joked about being business partners and finding an antique-mall booth to rent.

Sometime around the beginning of the year, the joking turned into serious contemplation and searches for a space to lease for their little business idea. After a couple months and still nothing they really liked, they came up with the idea of repurposing a van or bus into a little retail space. It wasn’t long before Patty found a little school bus in great condition and 2 Girls + A Bus was born!